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New Infusion Products On-Sale Now!

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of vacuum accessories and microporous vacuum consumables including MTI hose and Squeezee line clamps from DD-Compound. This wider range of infusion products serve to improve production efficiency and open up new possibilities for customers undertaking complex infusions.

Our new range includes the following products from leading German infusion specialists DD-Compound:

  • MTI® Hose – Microporous Vacuum Line
  • MTI® Valve – Resin Inlet Regulator
  • Vac Checker® Precision Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • SQUEEZEE® Professional Infusion Line Clamp

For more cost sensitive projects, we have also added two other microporous products which can function as an alternative to the high-spec MTI hose:

  • MVS Microporous Vacuum Strip
  • MVL Economy Microporous Vacuum Line

As customers have come to expect from Easy Composites, we have really taken the time to thoroughly investigate and understand these products, ensure that they are the best available, and be convinced that they can add real value when used appropriately. As a result, we are confident we can provide customers with expert, impartial advice on whether microporous technology (or indeed any of these new products) would offer advantages for their specific projects and processes.

All products are in stock now and available for fast worldwide shipping at unbeatable value with our price promise.

MTI® Hose - Microporous Vacuum Line

Specifically developed for resin infusion, this high performance semi-permeable vacuum hose uses microporous membrane technology which allows air to pass into the hose whilst allowing only minimal resin transmission.

SQUEEZEE Professional Infusion Line Clamp

The Squeezee is a line clamp intended for daily use by vacuum bagging/infusion professionals, the balanced clamping force and ergonomic grip make clamping and flow regulation easy, fast and consistent. Suitable for tubing up to 15mm outside diameter.

Vac Checker® Precision Digital Vacuum Gauge

High precision digital vacuum gauge specifically developed for highly sensitive testing of vacuum bags and vacuum equipment in composites applications. Vac Checker can be used to perform a reliable vacuum 'drop-test' in a fraction of the time of a typical mechanical instrument.

MTI® Valve - Resin Inlet Regulator

Used to partially restrict resin flow into a laminate during resin infusion, the inclusion of an MTI Valve can help to prevent excess resin syphoning into a laminate before the resin feed is clamped off.

MVS Microporous Vacuum Strip

MVS is a flat format version of the MTI or MVL Hose. It is used in resin infusion to maintain vacuum along its full length throughout the process, reducing the risk of dry areas in more complex infusions. This flat version is typically chosen when placed directly onto the laminate where its flat profile allows vacuum to be supplied to the centre of the component without printing through to the component's surface. Available in 100mm and 300mm widths. Sold by the linear metre.

MVL Economy Microporous Vacuum Line

Specifically developed for resin infusion, this low-cost, semi-permeable vacuum hose uses a microporous membrane which allows air to pass into the hose whilst allowing only minimal resin transmission. MVL Hose is a lower cost alternative to MTI® Hose for more budget conscious applications. Sold by the linear metre.

Please get in touch with our technical team if you’d like to discuss the suitability of microporous technology for your project.


Founded in Germany by Dominik Dierkes in 2009, DD-Compound is an innovative company that aims to make products and processes in infusion better and more efficient by creating products that offer solutions to common problems faced in resin infusion.

DD-Compound products are used all over the world in all kinds of composite production from small scale parts to 330ft Wind Turbine Blades


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